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  • Disability Benefits

    Widow/Widowers Disability benefits

    These benefits are designed for the spouse of a deceased person who was insured under the Social Security system. Under...

  • Supplemental Security Income

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    SSI benefits provide income to a disabled person who meets the financial requirements of the Social Security System. There are...

  • Disability Benefits

    Regular Disability Benefits (DIB)

    If you have worked and paid enough Social Security taxes and you are disabled, you may be entitled to regular...

Bea Whitten | A Charleston Disability Lawyer with 25 Years of Experience

No one plans on becoming disabled. When disability happens to you, it strikes a devastating blow to your life. All of your hopes, plans and dreams are affected. You are in pain; you’re depressed; you’ve lost your life’s work; and you don’t have enough money to support yourself and your family. To add, you now you have to deal with a gargantuan government bureaucracy – the Social Security Administration. That’s where Beatrice Whitten, an experienced Charleston disability lawyer comes in to assist. When you hire Bea and her staff to handle your case, it’s their job to help you get the benefits you need and deserve. They deal with the fine details and paper pushing so you can focus on getting better. You are professionally represented at Social Security hearings. Bea and her staff know the forms, the processes and the rules. They’ve handled many cases over the past 25 years that they know the local Social Security judges, the local doctors and hospitals and even the people who work for South Carolina’s Social Security offices. That’s where Beatrice Whitten, a trusted and dedicated social security disability attorney comes in to help your case.

Our Law Firm Is Dedicated Social Security & Disability

Much of practicing law is about helping people. With disability cases, the link between Bea’s work and helping people solve their problems is critical. Bea and her staff are sincere, and they are passionate about helping sick or injured people win their benefits. They can’t solve all of their clients’ problems, but getting them a regular, reliable monthly income and medical benefits certainly goes a long way.

Charleston Disability Lawyers Helping People of All Ages

The Beatrice E. Whitten law firm helps disabled people at any stage in the disability claims process. That means you can call Bea if you are just thinking about applying for disability or if your claim has already been denied. Bea and her staff work with these cases at all levels, including federal District Court appeals after people have been turned down following a hearing before an administrative law judge. Find out how Bea, an experienced disability lawyer in Mount Pleasant, and her staff can help you today by calling (843) 881-1399, sending an email to or requesting an appointment by clicking here!