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With over 25 years of practice, our firm has been fortunate enough to attract and retain some very talented employees. All of our paralegals hold associate degrees in paralegal training from Trident Technical College, which has well recognized, ABA accredited program.

We have learned the best ways to shepard a disability case through a complex Social Security system. We are always refining our methods and adapting to changes in law, policy and process.

Some of our efficient practices include the use of the Amicus case management system. This means that nearly every piece of information about every case is entered into our computer system. Every person who works on that case has that information at his or her fingertips at any time. This enables us to respond quickly to client inquiries and Social Security employees alike. We have been a part of the PACER system of electronic filing with the Federal District Court since its inception. We have also kept up with Social Security’s recent changes to more forms of electronic records processing.

Our firm strives to provide the best quality, most effective representation possible, while recognizing that our clients are enduring life circumstances that also require understanding and compassion. We care about our clients. They are not just cases to us. They are people in need of help, and it is our job to help them.

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