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The Beatrice E. Whitten law firm is highly respected by law firms in South Carolina and receives a large number of referrals from lawyers throughout the state. Because Social Security disability claims, appeals and applications require a professional with specialized talents and experience, the attorney who helped you with your real estate closing, your divorce or your personal injury claim probably will refer you to Bea for help with your Social Security disability claim.

We have learned the best ways to shepard a disability case through a complex Social Security system. We are always refining our methods and adapting to changes in law, policy and process.

In addition to helping her clients, Bea provides instruction to other attorneys. She is a volunteer teacher for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars, which lawyers are required to attend each year. Her most recent presentation was to the South Carolina Family Court Judges Bench-Bar CLE, where she spoke on the topic of “Child Support and Social Security Disability.”

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