Do You Need A Will?
Estate Planning

If you’re thinking about this question, you probably do. Having a will ensures that whatever you own goes to help your spouse, your children, your family, your church, or wherever you want it to go.

We do simple wills, living wills, and powers of attorney. Despite your likely having put off getting these things done, they are actually inexpensive, quick and easy to do with Bea Whitten.

Bea Whitten can also help you with settling, or probating, the estate of a loved one who has died. She and her staff can handle everything to do with wills and probate, from the easiest to the most complicated.

List of Services

*Simple wills include a living will and health care power of attorney (there is no additional charge for these documents).

  • Simple will* (one person) $300
  • Simple will* (one person) $300
  • Financial power of attorney From $185
  • Deeds From $300
  • Estate Planning Costs vary by project – call for consultation
  • Entire Estate Probating From $2,500
  • A 30 minute meeting is $50

You Need A Will

A will is the way to decide who gets whatever you own when you die. It’s as simple as that. A will can also name the person you want to be in charge of giving whatever you own to whoever you want to have it. (This is called a personal representative or an executor.)

A will can name a guardian for young children or put money and other assets in a trust for children, disabled persons, or anyone who needs help with handling money.

What Happens If I Don't Have A Will?

If you don’t make a will yourself, the State of South Carolina makes one for you. This will may not carry out your wishes for giving your property to whoever you want to have it. It also does not name a personal representative/executor or a guardian for minor children.

The only way to make sure you get what you want is to make a will yourself.

It Isn't Difficult or Expensive or To Make A Will

At Bea Whitten’s law office, it costs only $300 to make a will for one person. The discounted cost for a married couple to make two wills is $400. This price includes a free living will and a free health care power of attorney.

Call today to make your appointment. Stop putting it off!

What Is Probate? or, What Happens When Someone Dies?

“Probate” is simply the process of transferring whatever someone owns after they die. This is done by the will left by the deceased person, or if there is no will, by the will written by the state (intestate succession).

The probate process in South Carolina is not terribly difficult or expensive, unlike some other states. There is generally no need for most people to create complicated trusts in order to “avoid probate.” However, you need a lawyer to create deeds to transfer any real property - land or houses.

At Bea Whitten’s law office, we can help with all or any part of the probate process, all at very reasonable fees.

What If There's Trouble?

What if probate isn’t simple or easy, because of family conflict or a lawsuit, such as a will contest or a dispute about property? What if a family member didn’t leave a will, and now you don’t know what to do? You definitely need a lawyer. Bea Whitten has over twenty-five years of experience in this area, including time spent working at the Probate Court. So she knows how to help you.

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